Quick Lube & Oil Change

Express Lube and Oil Change

Service Name:

Express Lube and Oil Change

Service Description:

The oil and filter will be changed using a fast, dedicated service bay. All fluid levels will be checked and the undercarriage will be lubricated as needed.

Service Specifics:

A lube, oil, and filter change normally consists of the following: The oil and filter will be changed. All fluid levels and filters will be checked. In accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations several points on the car will be lubricated. For more information, please refer to fuels & lubricants.

Things to Know or Ask About Your Job

Always use the grade of oil specified in the vehicle owner’s manual or maintenance book for the climate in your area. The wrong oil or oil filter may void your warranty. Typical modern oil ratings are 5W-30 and 10W-30.


The actual cost of this service will vary due to factors such as the condition of your vehicle, your climate, your geography, and your driving style. Your Service Provider has the knowledge and expertise to make the final price determination.