European Motor's Team


Our staff is comprised of highly educated and trained individuals that are not just technicians but also enthusiasts. Knowing the vehicles they work on but also enjoying the challenges of the latest technology.

Joe Betti


Born in Santa Rosa CA. He attended technical school in the south bay area.

Joe has been providing service in the automotive field for over 20 years with extensive experience and training in European vehicles. Joe is an automotive enthusiast on many levels. He enjoys the challenges of the technologically advanced late model vehicles as well as the older highly tunable adjustable older cars.

Joe oversees every aspect of the shops operation on a daily basis ensuring quality and care are observed and upheld in all they do.

Jeremy Tuttle

Automotive Technician

Jeremy grew up in the North West, he attended Federal Way high school
. Jeremy has been in the European automotive industry for over 12
years, specializing in Volvo, BMW and Jaguar. In his spare time he
enjoys exploring the foothills of the north Cascades with his son.
Jeremy especially appreciates and takes pleasure in working on classic
European vehicles.